Though ASC started out as a sunroof installation and distribution company in the 1970s, we have installed leather upholstery with partners such as Katzkin Leather, Roadwire & Classic Soft Trim since the 1980s. With over 40 years in the business we have evolved to include many other products and services. Book online or call us to set up an appointment today!



ASC provides installation of sunroofs, manual and electric, on almost any make and model of vehicle. We have many different sizes and options to ensure that your sunroof is the best and safest fit for your car. We carry manual 'pop-up' sunroofs, power spoiler top-sliding sunroofs, factory/OEM style power inbuilt inslide sliding sunroofs, fabric 'rag-top' sunroofs, and panoramic multi-panel sunroofs. Our product lines include sunroofs that are adapted from factory sunroofs in order to use them for aftermarket installations. Webasto and Inalfa Sunroofs are commonly found on vehicles ranging from Mercedes-Benz to Toyota to Fiat. Check out our sunroof products for more information.


ASC offers many different maintenance options for your factory or aftermarket sunroof. We provide services such as seal lubrication, drain tube flush, track assembly & motor cleanup, glass cleanup and more. Get in touch and we will ensure that our maintenance packages will keep you enjoying your sunroof season after season.


At ASC, our experience servicing and repairing sunroofs for over 40 years, ensures that we can repair almost any sunroof. Whether you need help with your factory sunroof or an aftermarket sunroof, we can take care of it. Leaks, wind noise, open/close problems, broken switches, tracks, cables, motors and much more. We are the experts, so trust us as your sunroof repair specialists. Contact us today!



ASC has had a long partnership with Katzkin, Roadwire & Classic Soft Trim to provide the Canadian market with automotive leather interiors and upholstery kits. We carry over 3000 different patterns to ensure that we can transform your interior into a factory style or custom upgraded leather interior. Check out our leather interiors section for more information.


At ASC, we can fix most seat upholstery issues by replacing the material with a new section or applying a patch to seal smaller blemishes. Whether you have cloth or leather upholstery, we can usually find a matching material to ensure that you car looks great. We can also completely re-upholster most seats to make them brand new.


We offer heating & cooling seat installation for many different makes and models. Our heated seat packages can be adapted to most cloth or leather seats. Cooling seats require seat ventilation and is very vehicle application specific. Most leather interior upgrades from Katzkin and Roadwire can have the cooling feature added through reticulating foam that gets added when the interior is manufactured. Contact us for more details.


Shop online for a wide range of cleaning products that we personally test and ensure work optimally for all automotive applications. If you need help with any of the products, contact us for support or questions.


We offer wide range of options for ensuring total seat comfort. We can add many different lumbar support options from manual to power. We can also add reinforcement foam to most seats to add extra support and comfort. Contact us and we'll help figure out a solution that works best for you.



Our specialty being sunroofs and leather upholstery, we offer design services to ensure that your vehicle is beautiful and unique. We offer our design services free of charge and can help you pick between a variety of colours and designs to compliment your vehicle's interior. Call us today; we're here to help!



At ASC, we only use the best automotive window film to ensure that you never have bubbles or scratches on your window tint. While not everyone carries high performance window film, we understand that some installations are regretted. We are here to help. We can safely remove most window film installations and replace them with high-performance film. This will ensure that you never have discolouration or bubbling occuring on your windows. We carry many different materials and degrees of window film, so please contact us for a quote or for more information.


We offer windshield replacement for most vehicles and trucks on the road. We also offer speciality glass installations on machinery and other work vehicles. We offer original equipment as well as many aftermarket glass in order to offer you the best price and service.


At ASC, we can provide windows and windscreens for many different applications. Anything from specialty trucks and work vehicles to custom window and panelling enclosures. Give us a shout to see if we can find a solution for you.